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Some Health-Care Workers Are Still Saying No to a Covid-19 Vaccine

Efforts to disseminate Covid-19 vaccines as widely as possible are hitting an unexpected obstacle: health-care workers who decline the shots.   Officials from Ohio said recently that 60% of nursing-home staff so far haven’t elected to take the vaccine. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this month that state officials expect 30% of health-care workers offered… Read the full article »

Why Patent-Pending Modular Mask Is Revolutionizing The Face Mask Valve?

Respirator valves in masks spread COVID, right? Not anymore. Here’s a new approach to face mask valves.

Is the New COVID-19 Vaccine Our Savior?

On December 14, 2020, the first Americans received the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine’s arrival seems serendipitous—much of the world is facing a huge uptick in coronavirus cases, and the UK is even experiencing a new, seemingly more contagious strain of the virus. But as the vaccine begins to roll out across the globe, we’re also… Read the full article »

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